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Question Response
"We have visited many websites and noticed that you have a vast collection at very reasonable prices. However, we are concerned whether you have compromised on the quality of the products." Yes, we have received many questions of this type. But we want to let you know that we want to deliver products directly from designing to your doorstep. That's why we don't have any middlemen like wholesalers and traders involved, which allows us to offer very reasonable prices. We do not compromise on quality; our aim is to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers.
"You have offered free shipping for orders above $100. However, if you use premium services for international shipping, the charges tend to be higher. Your rates are already reasonable, so how is it possible to provide free shipping? Also, it seems that you do not use Indian Post for shipping, which typically takes 25-30 days for parcels to be delivered." We use very reliable shipping companies that usually dispatch parcels within 5-10 days. With our reasonable prices and free shipping, our main goal is to build a strong international customer base and establish trustworthy and lasting relationships. Our aim is to prioritize building trust and relationships over maximizing profits.
"During the final checkout process, the currency is displayed in Indian Rupees (INR) instead of US Dollars (USD). This raises a trust issue for us. Could you please resolve this matter?" Yes, initially, the prices are displayed based on your country's currency, but on the checkout page, it changes back to Indian Rupees. Our e-commerce platform doesn't provide the facility to maintain the currency display throughout the checkout process. However, please don't worry about this issue as we have successfully delivered more than 1400 international orders without any problems. Rest assured, your order will be processed accurately regardless of the currency display during checkout.
"We have made purchases from many websites, and unfortunately, we have experienced fraud or received products that were not as described. Some places even shipped the wrong items. Given these experiences, we are concerned about how we can trust your website to deliver the right products as ordered, and in proper condition." As we have mentioned before, our main aim is to build strong international relationships, and we assure you 100% that the ordered products will be delivered as expected. However, in the rare event of any issues with an order, we are ready to promptly resolve them even after the shipment is complete. We provide complete service to our customers, and after the parcel is delivered, we stay in touch with our customers to ensure their satisfaction. We have received endless positive reviews from customers, which reflect their high level of satisfaction with our products.